My tax services include the following:

1.   Preparation of individual, corporate, partnership and fiduciary

 income tax returns.

2.   Preparation of federal estate and state inheritance tax returns.

3.   Representation before the Internal Revenue Service and various

 State agencies.

4.   Tax Planning

       (a) If your tax deductions will differ substantially from one year

 to the  next, or if you plan to make an investment during the year

 that will  provide you with significant tax benefits, I can estimate

 your income tax liability by incorporating these changes into your tax


       (b)  With business owners, I typically review their year-to-date

 Profit & Loss Statement a few months before their fiscal year-

 end so I can estimate what their income tax liability may be at the

 end  of their tax year.  This  enables them to make sure they

 have made  sufficient estimated  income tax payments during the

 year, thereby avoiding penalties and  interest for underpayment.

5.   Tax Research and structuring of business transactions to ensure

 after-tax returns are maximized.




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