My services begin when an entrepreneur desires to create a new

 business or acquire an existing business, and continues through the

 life of the business to the time of sale or closure. 


My clients include high net worth individuals, sole proprietors and

 privately-owned businesses.  My clients span a variety of industries

 including the following:

Automotive                   Law

Construction                 Media/Advertising

Financial Planning         Physicians

Insurance                      Real Estate


My services include the following:

1.   Formation of LLCs, corporations, partnerships, non-profit

 organizations and foundations.

2.   Registered agent services and preparation of annual minutes.

3.   Preparation and negotiation of various business agreements

 including but not limited to:

     *    Employment Agreements

     *    Lease agreements

     *    Financing Transactions

     *    Non-Complete Agreements

     *    Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements

     *    Buy/Sell Agreements

     *    Real estate agreements

     *    IRC Section 1031 exchanges

4.   Purchase and Sale of a Business.

5.   Dissolution or Liquidation of a Business.

6.   Succession Planning, including Shareholder Agreements,

      Redemption Agreements and other types of buy-out agreements.

7.   Shareholder dispute resolution/Minority shareholder litigation.


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